Palestine on a Plate: Memories from my mother’s kitchen by Joudie Kalla

Palestine on a Plate showcases the wide-ranging, vibrant and truly delicious dishes of this country and introduces the reader to traditional Palestinian methods, cooking styles and flavours. Furthermore it presents recipes from the Palestinian home, rather than those traditionally found in restaurants and in most books. Whereas many contemporary Middle Eastern cookery books offer a modern interpretation of ancient recipes, which dilute their authenticity, the recipes in this cookbook are the real deal.

This practical cookery book features colourful, gorgeous photography evoking the vibrancy and romance of the country.

JOUDIE KALLA has been working as a chef in London for 16 years. She is Palestinian and focuses her cooking around this particular Middle Eastern cuisine, creating healthy, vibrant, moreish dishes that are easy to make and packed full of goodness. She trained at the prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine and has worked at restaurants such as Pengelley’s (a Gordon Ramsey restaurant), under Ian Pengelley, Daphne’s and Papillon with Michelin-starred chef David Duverger.

She has been running her own private catering company for over seven years and ran a hugely popular deli, Baity Kitchen, for three years in Chelsea. Lloyd Grossman was a regular customer at the deli and has since become a regular client of Joudie’s popular supper club events.