Palestine – A celebration of food from land and sea by Joudie Kalla

‘This book goes to the heart of the relationship between food and identity and conveys a sense of belonging through beautiful, compelling and yes, joyous recipes. I just want to eat everything in it.’ NIGELLA LAWSON

From the bestselling author of Palestine on a Plate comes BALADI: Palestine - A Celebration of Food from Land and Sea. In BALADI – which means ‘my home, my land, my country’, Joudie Kalla once again pays homage to her heritage by showcasing its wide ranging, vibrant, mouth-watering dishes, taking readers on a journey through Palestinian food and culture. 

As well as stunning food photography, BALADI is also interspersed with location shots of the landscapes, waters, streets and people of Palestine, vividly reflecting the rich culinary history running through the entire country.

“Baladi is a beautiful journey through Palestine looking at my families historical and current life there. The delicious recipes are from all over the country with images showcasing not only the beauty of the land, but the identity of our people through food. This book is a labour of love to my family and new generations to come, and I couldn’t be more proud.” JOUDIE KALLA