Zaytoun supports an olive tree planting project which is run by the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) which are based in Jenin. The PFTA supplies Zaytoun with fairly traded olive oil, za’atar, maftoul, freekeh, and almonds.

£20 pays for five, three year old olive & almond tree saplings.

Message for posted certificate (POSTAL CERTIFICATES ONLY)

Farmers interested in participating in the project apply through Palestine Fair Trade Association coordinators. Allocations are based on the following, a farmer must:

  • Own a land suitable for the number of trees applied for.
  • Demonstrate capacity to care for and nurture trees.
  • Be ready to prepare land for a collective tree plantation day.

Priority will be given to the following applicants:

  • Farmers that have lost trees to the Israeli destruction and uprooting.
  • Small farmers.
  • Women that own their land and are interested in farming.
  • Young starter farmers that have inherited or acquired land.






If you have any further questions,
please contact: